Traffic - the number of visitors to your website.

To maximise profits, you need to target the customers who will buy from you and pay a good price.

traffic - how can you get more people to come to your website?

Consider this question about traffic carefully. Very few websites actually want everyone to visit them. What you probably want is more targeted traffic and that may halve the number of visitors!

But the required result is going to be better profitability.

traffic - Are you hitting your target customers?

Who is your target customer, what are they actually looking for and how can you get them to your site? How much can you afford to spend to get a customer? If you don't know, it is important to find out. It can be difficult to find time to do the work.

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traffic from search engines

Google, Yahoo, MSN - household names but how do you leverage them to your advantage.  Many people see this as "free" traffic but, unless you are in a very specialised niche market, you will need to use Search Engine Optimisation to ensure good results. You make like to read the Google page if you are not familiar with Google.

traffic from online advertising

You can buy traffic, either through adverts on other companies' webpages or through adverts in the search engines. You can buy banner adverts where you will pay a fixed fee for every 1000 times the advert is shown or else you can use Google adwords where you only pay when the advert is clicked on. Depending on your target market you may choose to use both banner adverts and adwords, one or the other or neither.

traffic - non-web sources

Don't forget that business cards, advertisements, promotional brochures, sign writing (on vehicles and buildings) and advertising in print, on TV and on the radio and other PR activities can all drive traffic to your website.




There are just 2 key areas Conversion and Traffic - simple concept but it takes a quite a bit of work to make it happen.

Lets be honest, many websites are dull and boring.

So boring that unless you are superbly interested in what they are saying you are unlikely to get past the home page. 

Stand back for a moment and consider your website? Stand in the shoes of your customer. Does it deliver? Does it tell them what they need to know?

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