Conversion - the process of taking the visitor towards your ultimate goal.

Stand back for a moment and consider your website? Stand in the shoes of your customer. Does it deliver? Does it tell them what they need to know?

website Conversion - imagine you are the customer

who is coming to you website for the first time.

website conversion - the first 8 seconds.....

3 to 8 seconds.  That is all the time you have to grab the attention of your potential customer.  The clock starts when they click the button in the search engine or on your advert or they finish typing in your URL.  If the page hasn't loaded in that time, they will start to hit the back button. 

Does the website look as though it is relevant? Visitors will quickly scan the page to see if it has the product or information that they are interested in. 

Does it look appropriate to the task it is required to do? If you are in advertising, your customers are going to want to see examples of your creativity whereas is they visit an accountants website they may want good advice on the latest tax changes.

A business website needs to look professional, load fast and appear relevant.       

website conversion - persuasion.....

If you go to a shopping mall to buy a jacket, what persuades you to buy? Why do you choose a particular shop? And then how do you choose the particular jacket? Does the salesperson help or hinder the process?

There are a myriad of answers to these questions. Before you get to the point of purchase, you will have answered hundreds of questions. Each of these questions is about building trust and credibility in the product. 

Are the benefits of your products being explained clearly and concisely? Can the user easily find testimonials and case studies? Is there a guarantee? 

website conversion - call to action.....

What do you want your visitor to do?  Buy from you? Sign up to a newsletter? Download a white paper?  Telephone you? 

If a visitor doesn't buy from you this time, (and most will not on their first visit) what action do you want them to take? Be quite clear on this - most websites aren't.    

You need to guide your visitor but make sure you don't confuse them with to many options. 

This website will ask you to "call 021 776 334 now" fairly frequently and our contact detail are on every page.  That is way I would like to be contacted.  For other businesses, you may prefer other contact methods but above all you must ask for the visitor to take some action.    


There are just 2 key areas Conversion and Traffic - simple concept but it takes a quite a bit of work to make it happen.

Lets be honest, many websites are dull and boring.

So boring that unless you are superbly interested in what they are saying you are unlikely to get past the home page. 

Stand back for a moment and consider your website? Stand in the shoes of your customer. Does it deliver? Does it tell them what they need to know?

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