Search Engine Optimisation or SEO a method to improve the ranking of your website in Search engines such as Google

search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of trying to achieve the best possible placing in the organic search on the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google currently has over 47% of world search engine traffic and quite probably about 80% in New Zealand.  Why?  Because it delivers the best search results to its users. 

From your own experience of using search engines you will know that at most you would search through 3 or 4 pages of results and often you will only look at the first page.  Your website needs to appear on page one for the keywords your ideal customers will be using. 

The key thing here is that the keywords need to be derived from  what your customers are searching for and not what you want to sell.

How does Google calculate organic search rankings?

The first thing to say is that Google is very coy about telling anyone how they do this – and they frequently change the rules they use to try to stop companies getting an unfair advantage. If I knew exactly how they did it I would be jetting around major corporations in my Lear Jet!

The basic thing that Google is looking for is relevancy.  How does it do this?

The key areas for relevancy are:-

Let's explain that in a bit more detail.

Google reads the words on the website. Websites are words and pictures and Google can't decipher pictures. Google regularly reads all the web pages that it can find on a website and indexes them.  Key words are more important if they are found in headings than the body text.  But don't think you can just whack loads of key words in to get a higher ranking.  This is called spamming and if you are found to be doing this you could get blacklisted.

If your web page hasn't been updated for a while, Google reckons it is less relevant than a newer page.

If lots of people are linking to your website (and you are not linking to them in exchange), then Google feels your site must have a lot of relevancy - it is like a business referral. 

Google also looks at the number of times your page has been selected or clicked on for each time it is displayed. This is the click through rate or CTR.

When you search on there is a preference for pages from .nz websites.

Note: that it can take several weeks to get listed on Google so to begin with you may need to look at adwords - also known as sponsored links.


In terms of search engines, your customers really are the key to your success.  You need to get into their minds and find out what they are searching for.  The copy writing then needs to appeal to them.

a quote

"Search engine optimization is a long-term, low-intensity process.  You keep building links and adding content, so that eventually your website not only escapes the infamous sandbox but it also starts to rank really well on the search engines"  Brad Callen - Professional SEO.

as you can see....

Getting a good ranking on a search engine requires a bit of work.  To get a good ranking, relevancy is key but so is keeping the site up to date.

Phase one, when launching a website or redoing a site that isn't working very well, is an intensive process - don't underestimate the time it will take!

Phase two, the building of links, adding content and keeping the website up to date, begins as soon as the site is up and running. 

Webcopy can offer help both with the initial phase and in the longer term.  For medium and smaller business it isn't feasible to have an web expert on the staff - and a day a month could be enough to keep your site up to date and performing well.  Please call now to discuss this further.


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