Benefits of Salemaker

salemaker logoSaleMaker Online eMail & SMS marketing with built-in multi-user contact manager

Automated Campaign Marketing

Build eMail (or SMS mobile phone text messaging) campaigns that allow you to schedule professional one-off or multiple emails to be sent to selected sales prospects and customers.

Keep your company firmly in front of those who want to know about your products and services. Use ‘TAG’ values to create segmented lists of recipients. I can create your email templates if you don’t want to, or don’t have the time. You then use them to create and manage campaign schedules.

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Simple monthly subscription plans

No matter how you use SaleMaker, there is a subscription plan for you.

Subscriptions are based on:


You choose what is right for you - and you can change your plan whenever you need. You might, for example, hire an extra two salespersons for a couple of months to do tele-marketing using the powerful built-in Contact Manager. You will need two extra User licences only for those two months.

Setup, training and support

A simple StartUp fee covers up to five hours of time which can be used for training, data importing, configuration etc.. Chargeable ongoing support is always available - which includes an email template design service.

Powerful Contact Manager

A key feature of SaleMaker is its extremely comprehensive and flexible contact management system. You maintain your contact and customer list online (available from anywhere), and are always able to see a complete history of every interaction for every contact.

In addition you can view all your own planned activities - phone calls, campaign stages, follow ups - for all of your prospects and customers. As you update activities, you are simultaneously prompted to define the next activity you need to take and in this way ensure that no follow up gets lost or forgotten.

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Key Functions

Contact Manager


SaleMaker includes a complete affiliates module - you appoint friends, associates etc who are able to introduce suitable contacts for you to enter into sales negotiations for your product/service etc. AND they earn commission for any sale you make.

To arrange an on-line demonstration call 021 776 334 now

why I chose Salemaker for my business

The first thing I noticed about SaleMaker was just how simple it is to use. Not too much information cluttering up a page but enough to keep control of my business.

I previously subscribed to a system called Aweber to handle my marketing campaigns which is a very good USA based autoresponder system and although it can handle multiple campaigns, it just didn't link seamlessly with a CRM nor have the ability to set up tasks such as phone calls and SMS. For about the same price as I was paying there, I could have a complete CRM system.

I successfully imported contacts the first time I tried it and the import isn't just restricted to the fields currently available in Outlook.

It is also simple to set up campaigns and write newsletters in it. By using 'tags' I maintain a number of different sets of clients across a few different business areas - all within the one easy to use framework.

If you are familiar with Get Things Done (GTD), you will know how every time an action is taken, you should work out what the next action is going to be. On completing an action, Salemaker automatically prompts for the next action, which means I don't lose sight of my contacts and the progress I am making with them.

Also - as it is an internet based solution, I can access it from anywhere via a browser (even on the small screen on my phone). It is located on a central server and the SalesMaker team manages servers, backups, software updates and upgrades - saving me money.

It works for me - and it will for you.

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