Resource a tool, book or training that enables the user to perform better.

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Bob Richards - Olympic Gold Medallist

Resources will continue be added to this page so check back regularly.

my recommended products

This page contains a list of resources that I have personally used and therefore feel reasonably confident in recommending. In all cases, it is up to you to decided whether to take up any offers and to do whatever due diligence is deemed necessary.

Some of these resources are free.

Some of the resources will be charged for and, yes Webcopy is enrolled in their affiliate programmes and will receive a commission payment if you buy from them after you click through to their site. As mentioned above, Webcopy has personal experience of these companies and has experienced good service from them.


website hosting companies and domain names

This site is hosted with Freeparking in New Zealand. Sure, I have had a couple of things go slightly wrong but the quality of the support is excellent.

freeparking banner freeparking banner

I've used several hosting companies in New Zealand and Australia and for me, these guys have always been really helpful.

colorpic - desktop colour picker software

This simple to use tool allows you to select colours off pictures displayed on your computer to create your own palette of colours. It is completely free and I find it an invaluable resource. If you are rebranding or selecting colours for a website - this is a good tool to have.

Download Colorpic here



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