The quote below no longer applies. On the internet you can get a very accurate fix on what works and what doesn't.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half - William Hesketh Lever

performance monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your internet business can have significant benefits to your profitability.

How well is your website performing for you?  Through regular monitoring of your website and making updates it is possible to significantly increase the return from them. 

Check - Refine - Check - Refine etc. Continuous monitoring and improvement is required.

Ideally your website should have some tracking capabilities built in.  Google analytics can be added to most websites.


By tracking visitors progress through your website, it is possible to find out where the customer is leaving your site.  This may indicate a need for some action to be taken to correct that particular page.


Where is your traffic coming from? Is it worth paying for the advert in a particular directory?


Which keywords are performing best? Can pages be further optimised for these keywords in order to both increase traffic and reduce the cost of acquiring it.


Split testing of adword campaigns is crucial. Very small changes to an advert can make a significant difference to the click through rate (CTR) on adverts. Higher CTRs can lead to lower costs per click - delivering better value advertising.

Google Slap - this is a term applied to a sudden increase in the costs of advertising on Google. Google likes relevant sites and as long as your site is relevant to the adverts that are driving the traffic to the site, there should be no problems. However, it is worth monitoring the costs on a regular basis just in case you become a 'victim'.


Your business can be going along quite nicely and then sales suddenly drop off. Often it can be a simple as a competitor entering the market - or catching up with the technology.

When should the website be monitored?

Monitoring needs to be done regularly over a period of time to spot trends and it will also highlight threats from other competitors who might have appeared in your marketplace.

Even if the website is doing well - could it be doing better? 

performance monitoring service

Webcopy can set up performance monitoring for your website and email campaigns and also monitor your google adwords for you. For a monthly fee I can prepare a brief report and suggest where changes should be made (and make them for you). For more information please call 021 776 334 now.

I can also teach you how to do this yourself and set up systems to let you do this and keep your business on track.

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