Graphic Design

Graphic design - the visual communication of ideas and messages.

What makes good graphic design?

A good design will lead you visitors to the action you want them to take swiftly. Generally, lots of white space, clear demarcation of areas and carefull selected graphics or photos build up a professional looking website.

what graphics should go on a website or email?

Graphics that attract and do not detract from the message of the website is the answer here. If a graphic doesn't add to the site then don't use it.

There are many sites where there are too many fancy graphics and this will have a negative effect on sales. The time people spend on a website is limited and you want to move the visitor to a take the action as quickly as possible.

should I have my site built using flash?

Flash is a technology that enables dynamic websites to be built with great looking graphics.

Used in the right way, flash, videos and audio can all add to the users experience and they can be excellent at improving conversion rates.

From a search engine optimisation point of view, flash is not great because the search engines find it difficult to work out what the flash content is. Also, how annoying is it when you go to website and the first page shows a "loading" message?

If you have gone to a graphic designer and they are suggesting building the whole website in flash, please stop and think first. Flash can look fantastic and hook people on the brand BUT (and it is a big BUT) if they don't generate traffic to the website they will be a waste of money. Please call me on 021 776 334 to discuss this further.

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