Google - the search engine of choice for millions

why is there a page on google?

Google is the number one player in the search engines worldwide with over 50% of the searches done on it each day.  Definitive figures for New Zealand are difficult to come by but it seems that 80% of searches are done through it.  Google leads the way!

Why do people use google?

Because it delivers them the results they want. Google prides itself on providing relevant information to people. In doing so, it encourages users to keep coming back and this is good for their long term profitability.

the google search results page

You will probably be fairly familiar with this page but just in case you aren't - here is an example

google search results

The search was on "Tonka Jeep".  In the top of the left hand column is a pink area for IQ Toys and in the right hand side of the pink box is a label that says Sponsored Links

Under this sponsored link -  are a series of other search results - the organic search results.

The right hand column also contains a list of Sponsored Links

what is a sponsored link? ... or how does Google make money?

Sponsored links are adverts that are paid for - Google's brand of adverts are known as adwords.  The great thing about them is you only get charged when someone clicks on your advert.  Make it highly appealing to your customers and unappealing to everyone else and adwords can deliver great results.   Read more.

what is an organic search?

Organic search is the phrase used to describe the listings that are close matches to the words entered into the search box that have not been paid for.  The means by which you get your website near to the top of the listings is known as search engine optimisation or SEO.  

Google slap - or when Google suddenly put its prices up.

August 2009 - Google is slapping sites again. It appears that Google is using 'real people' and not just robots to verify sites. As ever it is getting hard to get specific responses from Google but one comment on why one particular site was downgraded was "Would you send your Grandma to it?".

The site was keyword rich and optimised for the robots, but when examined by a human, they found some webpages made bold claims without any backup to those claims. "Would you send your Grandma to it?" seems to me to be a very good test.

In last year's slap, Google suddenly increased the prices it charged to many of its customers. Basically there were a load of advertisers who were using adwords to get visitors to their websites where they would then try to sell a completely different product. These unscrupulous dealers were targeted by Google. It cost some businesses a lot of money, but in the end, the search results we get from Google are much more relevant and provided your website is relevant to the words that are being searched for, the cost of advertising is still very cost effective in most markets.

What next?

Webcopy can help both to set up and monitor the Google Adwords account and also improve the page rankings via SEO - call today on 021 776 334 to see how we can work together.

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