Adwords - Google's online advertising where you only pay for the advert if someone clicks on it.

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness.

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.
Charles Dickens

When you first launch your website it can take some time before it gets indexed by Google.

If you are going to get traffic in the early days, the organic searches will not work so the only option is adwords.

adwords - advertising on the internet

google sponsored linksAdwords is Google's pay per click advertising mechanism.  These adverts are called sponsored links and they appear on the main search engine page. They are usually shown in the right hand column but Google promotes some to the top of the main column as shown in the picture.

In traditional advertising, you pay a fixed fee to place an advert in a newspaper.  If you get lots of customers that's great but if you get none, that's tough.   

But with Adwords - it is different, you only get charged when someone clicks on your advert and gets taken to your website.  You only pay for the service when someone is delivered to your  website. 

Adwords are the almost the ultimate advertising medium.

why use adwords?

To drive highly targeted, motivated buyers to your website.

People using search engines are generally fairly motivated to find a solution to their problem.  If your advert hits a chord with them then they are likely to click on it.  Provided the website is up to scratch, your chances of making a sale are good. 

If you operate in a small niche market, the cost per click can be as little as 5 to 20 cents.  Very much cheaper than any other lead generation method apart from a word of mouth referral. 

If you have a higher margin product, the maths can be fairly straight forward to work out.

Even if your margins are not huge, if you have a product range that will be ordered time and again, it is really important to get that first order – not quite at any cost but check out the lifetime value of a customer first. See an example

Even in areas where there is a lot of competition (and therefore the cost of a bid might be prohibitively expensive) it is often possible to find key word combinations that will bring good results with cheap cost per clicks.

Could adwords help your business?  If you are not sure, why not arrange a meeting with me by calling 021 776 334?

how much does it cost?

The cost per click is highly variable.  It depends on a number of factors including:

On some search engines, where you appear on the Sponsored link list is determined solely by how much you are prepared to pay.  So if you say you will pay up to 20 cents per click you will get ranked above someone who will pay 10 cents.   But this isn't the only factor with Google...

Google loves relevancy and in terms of adwords, if someone clicks on your advert, Google thinks it must be relevant to the search criteria.  The click through rate or CTR for a given phrase shows a ratio of how many times the advert has been clicked on per time it has been displayed.  Google seeks to maximise its return so this higher CTR even with a lower cost per click may mean Google makes more money. In this case Google will prefer your adword advert and will display it above your competitors because their overall return is greater.

are you spending enough?

With adwords you can start cautiously but recently a couple of clients have been under spending on adwords! If for every dollar you spend on adwords you are making more profit (after taking out the cost of adwords) then the only reason for not increasing your spend on adwords would be because you can't keep up with demand.

once bitten twice shy? - a word of warning!

It is possible to use up a heap of cash on adword campaigns and get very little out of it.  See an example by clicking this link - lingerie

In cases like these, you need to find alternative keywords or just structure your adword adverts a little more carefully. 

Test the adverts carefully, and only increase your spending limit when the adverts have proved themselves.

how can Webcopy help with adwords?

I can help with identifying your key markets and identifying keywords.  I can then set up the adwords campaign for you, test alternatives  to optimise returns and monitor the progress of the campaign.

I also advise on which is the best way to use adwords - should you just advertise on the search engine pages or should you use the content network as well.  

For more details please call me, Miles, now on 021 776 334 or .

when to use adwords

The basic rule of advertising is that if you spend money on a particular medium and make more profit as a result of spending that money then you should continue to use that medium.

There are a couple of other areas that should be considered.

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