FAQ a Frequently Asked

Why have a website?

Should every business have a website?

Nearly all businesses should have a website. Increasingly, potential customers are turning to the web instead of using traditional methods of finding services such as yellow pages.

So it is important. However, if you currently get all your business through word of mouth or direct from another company (for example, some panelbeaters get 98%+ of their work from insurance companies), you may feel that you don't need a website.

Should I get a website or crm system first?

If you already have plenty of leads and are having problems following them up, the CRM system may be the best to install first.

If you have a large database of existing customers who you are not keeping in contact with on a regular basis, an email marketing campaign would be a good place to start.

Depending on the products or services you are trying to sell, the website may be the best place to start.

There are a number of things to commercial considerations to be taken into account, but the best thing to do is to ask Webcopy to help you decide. Call now on 021 776334.

Why do I need to optimise my site for Google?

If you are using organic web searches as part of your marketing strategy, then it is crucial to do this. If you are not on the first page in Google then your chances of being looked at are greatly diminished.

Why is Google the only search engine mentioned?

The answer is that Google is by far the most dominant player in the market, especially in New Zealand. Get your website right for Google and the rest will follow.

Can't I just put up a website and leave it?

Yes, you can.

However, Google ranks sites on their relevancy and if the content doesn't change regularly, it slides down the rankings. It is much better to keep it up to date.

There are some websites that are so out of date that visitors will wonder whether the company is still in existence. There are other sites that are so bad that the potential customer is likely to be completely put off from buying from the company.  If you have a website, it needs to be maintained.

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