CRM - customer relationship management system - a tool to help a company manage its contact with its customers.

A complete CRM system takes a customer through from the prospect stage to their first purchase, to delivery of the products or service and maintenance scheduling.

And because you are maintaining regular contact this will lead to second and subsequent sales.

customer relationship management software

Sales databases, Sales management systems and Prospecting systems focus on the initial sale but the existing clients also provide a source of revenue so the focus needs to be on the whole life-cycle.

do you keep in touch with your clients as regularly as you should do?

Fact: The number one reason people switch to alternative suppliers is that the supplier fails to keep in regular contact with them. Your client likes to feel they are important to you.

Maintaining the relationship with clients is crucial to ongoing business success and if you aren't in contact every 3 months your leaving the door open for your competitors.

do you ever forget to make follow up calls?

We all do, but there are ways of making it a lot easier to remember when you need to call your customers and prospects.

Would you rather be in the office doing the paper work or out on the golf course (with a client of course!)?

By automating many of the tasks, having predefined courses of action that you want to do, you will get through a lot more calls and emails to your clients and all without forgetting about what you need to do next.

can you link your website into your contact database?

A form on your website can set up a new contact in your CRM and this will automatically trigger a response from your company. This first step may be to send the contact an email thanking them for their interest in your product with a link back to your website. You may then want to schedule a phone call for 3 days later.

It could be a lot more detailed than this, for example, in order to let you clients have a feel for your main training course, you offer a free 5 part mini-course as a taster for your services. You set up a campaign where the first lesson goes out as soon as the contact signs up and then subsequent ones go out at pre-defined intervals. The campaign also sets up entry to make a sales call the day after the last email has been dispatched and this is assigned to your to do list. The whole process is fully automated (except you do still have to make the phone call!).

Key functionality for an effective CRM system

If it is not easy to use and easily accessible from wherever you and your sale team are, then it will not get updated and important information will be lost. Synchronising of data between computers can be a nightmare on older systems but Online CRMs (or 'cloud based' systems) mean there is just one database that is easily accessible via the internet from anywhere.


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which CRM system?

There are many solutions available but which is the best one for you? Personally I use SaleMaker and I also resell it. Having said that if you have bought or will be investing in a different CRM system, then I can still help you with the implementation.

Don't underestimate the time ....

it will take time to set up the system, extracting data from existing databases and spreadsheets
... and this will take you away from your core business of selling.

But once it is in and running you will get a lot of time back to see more customers and build the relationships with them, it will reduce the frustration of not being able to find the information when you need it. You may even find more time for golf. fishing or the family.

getting Webcopy to help

As with websites, implementing a customer relationship management solution can take a lot of work up front. This is time most managers can ill afford to spend as it takes them away from the business of promoting their business and producing goods. However, considerable costs benefits show up once implemented. Webcopy can be involved:

The specifications page has more information on my specific background in this area

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