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Affiliates - the ultimate advertising medium?

Excluding completely free methods such as word of mouth, the next best way to pay for a lead is only to pay when the sale is actually made. This is what happens in affiliate programs.

Incentivised word of mouth

With an affiliate programme you offer to pay a percentage or fixed sum for each lead you receive that results in a sale. Done correctly, your affiliate will have talked to the prospect for you so when you contact them they are already aware of what you do. Your affiliate does not close the sale for you, they open the door.

Would you prefer to follow up a number of semi warm leads or cold call?

Affiliates in SaleMaker

Salemaker has an affiliate program built in to it. Affiliates are able to register prospects into the SaleMaker CRM for you and this will automatically trigger a campaign you have defined, for example scheduling an initial call to the prospect. The affiliates can see what commissions they have earned and when they will be paid.



An example of an affiliate program...

is found on the recommended products page. The New Zealand based Freeparking web hosting will pay me a small commission if you click through to their site by entering a web address (URL) you are interested in purchasing and subsequently buy.

If you can find a salesman who will work hard for commission alone - this may be even more ultimate than affiliate programmes.


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