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Miles AshworthHi,

My name is Miles Ashworth and at present I am Webcopy.

Brought up in the UK, my working background had been both in marketing, databases and programming. The internet was made for me as I am now able to market using computers.

The internet is a dynamic environment, the rules seem to change all the time. By concentrating on the internet, I am able to keep up with changes as they happen and enable my clients to take advantage of new technologies as they arise.

If you have looked through the range of services that are on offer, you may wonder how one person can have enough time to do everything. The answer is I ship some of the work out, project managing the whole process.

Although I am pretty good at graphic design there are other people who are better and quicker than me. Similarly more detailed database programming is outsourced. By combining my knowledge of the web space with these other experts as needed, more efficient, cost effective solutions can be developed.

Also, in addition to the Webcopy business, I run a number of websites and I have experience in all the areas listed.


My background

My career started with a BA Hons degree from Cambridge in Natural and Computer Sciences, including Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology and Experimental Psychology.

I have a background in

What I really enjoy doing is solving problems for people. Getting their websites to work well and developing online marketing campaigns is an area I have a special interest in. 

Originally from the UK, I am now based in Warkworth which is close enough to Auckland to be able to service my customers there but quiet enough to enable me to get on with my work when I need to think.

When projects demand extra manpower, I have a group of individuals on whom I can call. 

What I do

More details on each of these areas are on the services page

What I don't do

These are both much better done by experts in those fields.

In both cases I can advise on who to go and see. 

Working with consultants

I envisage that a fair proportion of work will come as a result of other consultants working with companies.  My intention is to concentrate on the internet marketing side of the business and to work with other consultants to provide a complete service to clients.


Webcopy is a trading name of Ashworth Consulting Limited.


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