How much difference can 'proper' internet marketing make to your business?

For one client, a water purification company relying on direct marketing as they have no office or shop - enquiries have been increased by over 250% in a very competitive market (and in a recession).

"I had spent a lot of time and money in getting a website together and was reasonably happy with the results. The website, yellow pages, referrals and the sign writing on our vehicles were the main from of advertising we were using at the time I decided to get Miles involved. Since then, we have had over three times the number of enquiries and the level of spam has reduced significantly. The lead up to Christmas is always busy but in the last month the phones have gone mad" - December 2009.
Steve Reynolds
Pure Water Services.

Thanks for your great response in helping us with our website enquiry issues that accured after having our website redesigned by our graphic designer.

With our buy direct, and made to measure service being Nationwide, our Website leads and enquiries are our business.

Miles we thank you for being such a pleasure to do business with, and most of all for getting our problems sorted and the good news is River Nile Linens team are all very busy with orders once again.

Shirley Moseley
River Nile Linens


Latest News:
Google is looking at how quickly websites load. Your website could be downgraded in the search engines results if it is slow.
If you have a slow website - call me now 021 776 334


I wanted a website for my business but didn't have the time to write it myself. I gave Miles some photos and he did the rest. His clear explanation of how I go about doing a design has brought business in to me with clients thinking they know me before they meet me!

Neil Sheat
Rata Landscapes


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Miles has recently worked on a website to promote my Ginger Beer Kit. The website looks fantastic and is quick to navigate around. Friends and customers have given me very positive feedback on it.

Miles was great to work with, he understood what I was looking for in my website and implemented it very quickly and professionally.

I wouldn't hesitate to utilise his services again or to recommend Ashworth Consulting to others.

Yours sincerely

Stephanie Lowe,
Insinc Products Ltd


Have you already spent good money on your website but are not seeing results?

XX>>You are not alone. This is an all too common occurrence and estimates suggest 95% of all websites and 60% of marketing campaigns don't produce the sales / leads their owners would expect them to.

but the good news is it can be fixed! - and usually without the need for a new website.

The problems for a website are

  1. Not getting enough visitors to the site
  2. Getting enough visitors, but they leave quickly
  3. Lot of visitors, lot of time spent viewing your content, but not enough sales/leads made

How do you identify where you are going wrong and how to fix it? There are tools and techniques and when correctly applied by an expert, every website will do what it is is supposed to do. Good. What are the tools and how can I use them?

You have two choices

  • Learn all the tools and techniques yourself - allow 3 years to learn and use them effectively.
  • Use an experienced head, who has seen it all. 
I have seen it all for the past 5 years. Good news is, you can make use of my experience. I am friendly, available locally and I am Miles Ashworth. Internet marketing is my expertise. I have helped several businesses, get their act together on their website and their internet strategy. If you would like to know more, just give me a ring or drop me an email. 

Before you decide to hire me, I will also tell you how I work

How I work with youmiles

My name is Miles Ashworth and I am Webcopy.

a brief background

Brought up in the UK, my working background had been both in marketing, databases and programming. The internet was made for me as I am now able to market using computers.

The internet is a dynamic environment, the rules seem to change all the time. By concentrating on the internet, I am able to keep up with changes as they happen and enable my clients to take advantage of new technologies as they arise.

When appropriate, I outsource some of my work. For example - to graphic designers as they will produce a better result more quickly than I can do and I also outsource some building of lists. But I always remain the central point of contact for the project.

I believe that the best result come from a long term partnership between my clients and me. I like to be included as part of the team that is driving your business forward.

who I work with - "my target market"

I am looking for SMEs, who want to generate more sales or leads through their website and via email marketing campaigns and use of sales databases. Understanding that they can't do everything themselves, the owners and managers are looking for a long term partnership with someone who can deliver productivity and turnover improvements and increased profitability.

but what if you already have someone who does your marketing?

I am happy to work along side other marketing people in an organisation. Although I can write brochure and flyers, my expertise lies in the internet marketing side, driving traffic to websites, converting visitors into prospects and then following them up through a database or CRM system to turn them into customers.

would Miles / Webcopy work for a competitor?

If I am working for a client in a particular industry I would not work for a competitor. If there is an potential conflict of interest I will discuss it with all parties prior to commencing.

or other companies?

Yes and I also have a couple of other business areas where I have my own online businesses. The variety of work ensures that I have to keep up to date with what's happening on the internet and if I find something works well in one place I will suggest it to my other clients.

How would you work with my company?

Initial Free no obligation consultation

Our initial meeting (about an hour) is a free, no obligation consultation for you to see whether we can work together and from my point of view to find out more about your company and find out which areas need to be addressed.

A proposal

At the end of the meeting, I will ask you whether you would like me to draw up a proposal. To produce the proposal I may well do further investigative work. I will then outline the initial scope of work and outline the monthly programme.

In many cases there will be two phases of work. Initially, there is often a fair amount of work to get started. If the website is new or out of date, copy may need to be written and updated to the website or maybe the customer database needs to be reorganised so it can be used effectively for following leads and sending out an email marketing campaign.

After this initial phase, there will be a regular monthly marketing input. This will involve monitoring the performance, identifying opportunities and responding to competitor moves. It will involve updates to the website, adding new products, creating email marketing campaigns, setting up social media for you (blogs, facebook, twitter).

Although much of the work can be done from my own office it is important that at least one meeting a month is held on site so I can pick up and plan for new events and feel connected with your company (and vice versa I hope).

The only way to find out whether we can work together is for us to meet
It will take about an hour of your time.
To arrange a suitable time, call Miles on 021 776 334 now.

a long term relationship

My preference is to have a long term relationship with clients committing to a set number of days each month after the initial phase. There are benefits to be had from regular monitoring of your website and associated marketing over time. I aim to bring new ideas to any venture to maximise the long term profitability for all parties.

flexible solutions

There will be times when extra input is required, for example when launching a new product or if you merge with another company. As an existing client, you will get top priority so you get a timely solution.

Monitoring makes a difference!

"Throughout 2008 yellow pages online sent us about 50 enquiries a month but we were only getting about one email a month from these enquiries and then the enquiry rate dropped off in 2009. For a similar monthly spend with Google adwords, we received 400 visitors and 11 emails a month." Steve Reynolds, Pure Water Services.

Getting good statistics and analysing them on a regular basis pays dividends. In the example above, Adwords works but yellow pages online was not nearly as effective (and so has been dropped).

If you are not monitoring your website you could be "throwing money down the drain" and/or "leaving cash on the table". Call Miles now on 021 776 334 to arrange an initial no obligation meeting.


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